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Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century

Jan van Helsing , PDF | ISBN:389478654X | 1.5 Mb | 194 Pages

A guide through the entanglements of lodges with high finance and politics, trilateral commission, Bilderberger, CFR, UN, etc.
In this book, the story of some very tangible people is told, who in 1773, in a house in the Judenstrasse (Jew’s street) in Frankfurt, planned to pave the way for a, “One World Government” by the year 2000 with three world wars, a perfectly worked out plan using the fears and weaknesses of the people against them. To aim for a world government is nothing new, even today the Vatican wants to make this world a catholic one. And history shows that to this end it let millions of people be tortured and killed. The “pan-Slavic” ideology of Russia, originally voiced by William the Great, asking for the elimination of Germany and Austria in order to take India and Persia after having subjugated Europe, is another along those lines. A further ideology to be mentioned is the one asking for a confederation of Asian stated under Japan with the motto “Asia to the Asians”. Last, but not least, there is the “pan-Germanic” ideology planning a control of Europe by Germany, later to be extended to the whole world. But because of the work of the “Brotherhood of the Snake” we can trace this activity back to a time in history which was followed by groups like Jews, Christians, Freemasons or other religious sects only 3,000 generations later. Today, this “game” is played, among others, by a few members of the Zionist community, as the book will show, but it has neither started with them nor will it end with them. What had started way back then is today still following the same rules. It suffices therefore to look into the present situation to recognize where the problems are. If one wants to categorize the thought or belief system of the Illuminati at all, then perhaps one has to choose “Machiavellism” which justifies power politics without ethical standards, thence: political unscrupulousness.

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