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Contemporary Multivariate Analysis And Design of Experiments Category: Technical

This book furthers new and exciting developments in experimental designs, multivariate analysis, biostatistics, model selection and related subjects. It features articles contributed by many prominent and active figures in their fields. These articles cover a wide array of important issues in modern statistical theory, methods and their applications. Distinctive features of the collections of articles are their coherence and advance in knowledge discoveries.

Professional Woman's Magazine

Summer 2008 | English | PDF | 58 MB | RS + ES

Professional Woman’s Magazine (PWM) is dedicated to promoting the advancement of multi-cultural diverse women in all aspects of business and employment to ensure equal opportunity. PWM covers news information ranging from professional concerns to civic affairs, trends, careers and business, life-style issues, the arts, education, finance, health, technology, family, travel all of which impact a professional woman.

Every issue of the quarterly published magazine will celebrate the accomplishments of women, honor proud traditions and spotlight ways to enhance everyday life. If you’re seeking an exciting magazine to educate, employ, and connect with thousands of professional, multi-cultural, women with diverse backgrounds then PWM is for you.

Summer 2008 :
Queen Latifah
Musician;Actress;Label President & Entrepreneur

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Myst Prima Official Guide

Welcome to the Mysterious island! Are you feeling a bit Mystified? Does everything seem all Mysty? Are you thinking you might have Myst something? Well, you've come to the right place for help. Myst: The Official Strategy Guide Revised and Expanded Edition is the #1 bestselling, ultimate, authoritative source for answers and information about Myst Island and the Ages of Myst. Also included; Riven: The Official Strategy Guide. This book before you is a powerful tome--make it serve you to find Gehn, free Catherine, and rescue Riven's natives before it's too late. Get Riven: The Official Strategy Guide.

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The Politics of Trade in Safavid Iran: Silk for Silver, 1600-1730

Rudolph P. Matthee, (Cambridge Studies in Islamic Civilization)
2000 | Cambridge University Press | ISBN: 0521641314 | Pages: 312 | PDF | ~86 MB

This book considers the economic, social and political importance of the silk trade in Safavid Iran. It focuses on four aspects of this trade: the role of silk in Iranian commercial policy, the interaction between agents of the state and foreign merchants, the routes along which silk was transported and, critically, the economic and social difficulties that contributed to the collapse of the regime in the 1720s. This represents a major contribution to the current debates on the social and economic history of the premodern world.

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Papyrology and the History of Early Islamic Egypt (Islamic History and Civilization)

Petra M. Sijpesteijn & Lennart Sundelin, Brill (2004) | English | ISBN 9004138862 | 298 pages | PDF | 3.72 MB

Tens of thousands of documents dating form the late Byzantine and early Islamic periods have been found in Egypt. These texts, written on papyrus and a variety of other materials, in Greek, Coptic Egyptian, and Arabic, offer a unique, but underutilized resource for the study of a society experiencing a profound transformation, this volume collects papers given at the conference “Documentary Evidence and the History of Early Islamic Egypt”, including editions of previously unpublished Greek, Coptic, and Arabic documents, historical and linguistic studies which make use of documentary evidence, a discussion of the importance of Arabic literary papyri, and an introduction to papyrology and its relevance for the study of this period of Egyptian history.

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